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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles All Purpose Vehicles - Frequently Asked Questions


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Who will provide me with a title after I purchase my APV?

If purchased at a licensed motor vehicle dealership, the dealer is required to make application for a title on the behalf of the purchaser for all APVs and off-road motorcycles within 30 days from the date of purchase by a customer. However, snowmobiles will continue to be untitled vehicles.
If purchased as a casual sale (from another individual), the purchaser is required to make application to transfer title into their own name within 30 days of purchase date.

Do I need a title to register?

Yes, Ohio law requires that you must have a title to get a registration. All APVs and off-road motorcycles sold in Ohio have come with a title since 1999. If you have a unit older than 1999 that has never had a title issued, you may apply for a title at your local title office. If you purchased a unit newer than 1999 from a private seller and they did not provide you the title, the seller is in violation of Ohio law by not providing the title to you. Never purchase an APV or off-road motorcycles newer than model year 1999 without a title.

How can I check if a pre-1999 unit I am considering purchasing has already had a title issued?

You can visit the BMV title search page to check the title history of a unit: https://ext.dps.state.oh.us/BMVOnlineServices.Public/TitleSearch.aspx.

Where can I purchase a 30-day tag for my new APV?

30-day tags are available for purchase from participating dealerships where you made the purchase or at any local Deputy Registrar. 30-day tags will not be issued for snowmobiles - snowmobiles are not titled.

I am not a resident of Ohio. What do I need to do to drive my APV in Ohio?

In order for residents of other states to use their APV/off-road motorcycle in Ohio, they are required to purchase a one-year registration, unless they are covered under the certificate of reciprocity as specified in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4503.37.

Do I need to get a license plate for my APV?

APVs are required to have a license plate and registration sticker. The license plate and registration sticker are permanent and must remain with the vehicle, displayed in plain sight. A $34.75 registration fee will be collected for the issuance of the registration. All registrations are for three years and expire on Dec. 31, in the third year after the date of issuance.
Application for renewal of a registration may be made no earlier than 90 days prior to expiration.
An Ohio Certificate of Title must be presented to register an off-highway motorcycle or APV. Currently registered APV owners will be required to replace their APV decal with an APV license plate with any transaction until all decals have been replaced. Any current decals remain valid until their expiration, when they must be replaced with an APV license plate.

My current decal is still valid. Do I need to get license plates for my APV?

No. Any current decals remain valid until their expiration, when they must be replaced with an APV license plate.

Do I need a license plate for my snowmobile, off-highway motorcycle, mini-bike, or trail bike?

Registration certificates for snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, mini-bikes, and trail bikes will continue to be accompanied by an alphanumeric decal that is applied to the vehicle.

Can I drive on public roadways now that I have a license plate for my APV?

APV license plates do not entitle the rider to operate the APV on public roadways. Laws regarding operation of APVs have not changed.

If I qualify for the farm tax exemption, do I need a license plate?

No, you are not required to obtain a license plate if you qualify for the farm tax exemption.

My vehicle does not require a vehicle registration, do I need a plate?

No, if the vehicle does not require a registration, you are not required to obtain a license plate.

I have a temporary registration; does this require a decal or a plate?

A decal is issued for all temporary registrations.