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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Livery Issuance - Frequently Asked Questions


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What documents do I need in order to register my livery vehicle?

In order to register a vehicle as a limousine, you must present the following items: insurance, Livery Seating Affidavit and title (the title only needs to be presented at the first registration issuance).

Where can I register my livery vehicle for the first time?

You may register your livery vehicle at your local deputy register or through the mail system please call the Registration Section for more information at 1-800-589-TAGS (1-800-589-8247).

What kind of insurance (proof of financial responsibility) is required for livery vehicles?

For proof of financial responsibility, you will need Liability Insurance Certification with the following items specified on the certificate:

Expiration date of policy, which must be valid within a minimum of 10 days after the renewal date. For example: if the registration date is March 1, 2015, the insurance certificate presented must be valid until at least March 11, 2015.
- The Ohio BMV and address must be named as the certificate holder and be notified 10 days prior to any cancellation or termination.
- The certificate must have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or serial number of each vehicle.
- The dollar amount of insurance must be no less than $300,000.
- No certificates with alterations will be accepted.
- The insurance company must be authorized to transact business in Ohio (this will be verified upon issuance).

Will I get my license plates, stickers and registration at the same time?

If you send your registration through the mail, you will receive your license plates, stickers and registration together in the mail. If you purchase your registration at a Deputy Registrar, you will receive your registration and stickers at the point of sale; your license plates will be mailed to you after they are produced. In the case of purchase at a Deputy Registrar, a temporary paper permit will be issued to you, if necessary, to use until the license plates arrive.

How much do livery license plates cost?

Livery plates cost $7.50 annually in addition to regular registration fees.

Are livery vehicles eligible for multi-year registration?

You must provide annual proof of insurance, therefore, livery vehicles are not eligible for multi-year registration.

What is a Livery Seating Affidavit?

The Livery Seating Affidavit is a form that requires a notary and is signed by the registrant indicating that the livery vehicle that they are registering does NOT seat more than nine people. The seating affidavit is on BMV Form 4632 and can be filled out at your local Deputy Registrar, downloaded from this Web site, or you may contact the Registration Section at 614-752-7800 or 1-800-589-8247 to have the form mailed to you.

How many passengers can be seated in a livery vehicle?

A vehicle may not be registered as a limousine, if it seats more than nine passengers. Any vehicle seating more than nine people must be registered as a bus.