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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver Reinstatement Fee Installment Plan - Frequently Asked Questions


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When will Deputy Registrars begin collecting reinstatement fees?

Full Reinstatement Services are now available at all Deputy Registrar locations, and Regional Service Centers as of June 15, 2015.

Can I pay my reinstatement fees and submit required documents for reinstatement at any Deputy Registrar Agency?

Yes all Deputy Registrar Agencies will collect reinstatement fees and documents. Go to BRANCH OFFICE LOCATIONS to find your local Deputy Registrar locations.

Is there a service fee charged by the Deputy Registrar if I pay my reinstatement fees at a Deputy Registrar Agency?

Yes. A $10.00 service fee is charged by Deputy Registrars for collecting your reinstatement fees.

If I don't want to pay the $10.00 service fee, do I have other options?

Yes. There are 6 Regional Service Centers across the state that accept reinstatement payments with no service fee. Reinstatement fees may also be paid online, or may be mailed to the BMV.

Do I need to provide identification at the Deputy Registrar Agency when paying reinstatement fees?

No. Identification is not required to pay reinstatement fees. However, identification is required for all other BMV transactions issued at a Deputy Registrar Agency.

Can the Deputy Registrar provide me with information regarding my suspension or reinstatement requirements?

No. Deputy Registrar Agencies do not have any information regarding suspensions or reinstatement requirements. For details regarding the requirements for your reinstatement, visit the BMV website under the "BMV Online Services" header or call the BMV at 614-752-7600.

Can I submit documents for reinstatement at a Deputy Registrar Agency without making a reinstatement payment?

Yes, the Deputy Registrar will collect, and process documents for reinstatement.

If I submit documents with my reinstatement payment, will my documents be returned?

No. Any documents submitted for reinstatement will be sent to the nearest Regional Service Center for processing and will not be returned.

Can I submit photocopies of documents required for reinstatement?

The Deputy Registrar will accept any documents you submit. The documents will be processed at a Regional Service Center. If the Regional Service Center does not accept a photocopy of the specific document, the requirement for the document will not be met. Please call the BMV at 614-752-7600 for questions about reinstatement requirements.

Will I receive confirmation at the Deputy Registrar Agency stating that I submitted documents and payment for my reinstatement?

Yes. When a reinstatement payment is made, with or without documents, the Deputy Registrar will give the customer a receipt for the payment made. If documents are submitted, a total number of pages submitted will be included on the receipt.

How soon will my reinstatement payment and documents be processed?

Reinstatement payments will be applied immediately upon payment. Documents submitted will be processed immediately. For inquiries regarding the status of your reinstatement, visit the BMV website under "BMV Online Services" or call the BMV at 614-752-7600.

If I pay my reinstatement fees and submit my documents at a Deputy Registrar Agency, can I expect to be reinstated immediately?

Yes, you can expect to be reinstated immediately at all Deputy Registrar Agencies. For inquiries regarding the status of your reinstatement, visit the BMV website under "BMV Online Services" or call the BMV at 614-752-7600.

Will I get notification from the BMV that I am reinstated?

The BMV will mail a notification letter to you informing you of your license status.