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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Special License Plate - Frequently Asked Questions


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What are Special Plates?

Special Plates are license plates manufactured especially for the customer. Some have initials or personal messages. Many have logos which require special handling to produce. Logo plates are for customers who wish to support a particular college, military organization, environmental or other special interest group.

Are there additional fees for special plates?

All special plates have an additional fee collected to cover the costs of production and special handling required. Some special plates also include a fee that is earmarked for the organization. For example, collegiate plates fees go to general scholarship funds. The additional annual charges for special plates depends upon which plates are ordered. The fee is charged each year, including years when only a validation sticker is needed. Click HERE for Special License Plates fees.

How can Special Plates be obtained?

Requests for special plates may be made at any Deputy Registrar's office, by mail or by calling 1-800-589-8247.

Deputy Registrars: Requests for special plates can be made at any Deputy Registrar's office. Many Special Interest, Disability, Amateur Radio, Military and Collegiate Plates are also available at the Deputy Registrar. All other special plates may be paid for at a Deputy Registrar's office and will then be mailed to the customer. If necessary, the deputy can give the customer a permit which will allow them to operate their vehicle while the plates are being manufactured.

By Mail: Request forms are available at any Deputy Registrar's office. The customer may complete a form and send it with special documents to the address listed on the form. The customer's choice ( if available ) will be assigned and an application will be mailed within five (5) days. The customer needs to mail the application, fees and any required document(s) to the address on the application. Special plates will be mailed to the customer to the address shown on the application.

What is a STOCK PLATE?

Stock plates are pre-manufactured with consecutive numbers only and are never personalized. Example ABC 1234.


An initial reserve plate may contain:
Three letters (ABC);
Three letters and one number (1- 9) or one number (1-9) and three letters (ABC 1 or 1 ABC);
Two letters (AB);
Two letters and one number (1-9) or one number (1-9) and two letters (AB 1 or 1 AB);
Two letters and two numbers (1-99) or two numbers (1-99) and two letters (AB 75 or 75 AB);
Two letters and three numbers (1-999) or three numbers (1-999) and two letters (AB 234 or 234 AB);
Two letters and four numbers (1-9999) or four numbers (1-9999) and two letters (AB 2345 or 2345 AB);
One letter and five numbers (1-99999) or five numbers (1-99999) and one letter (A 12345 or 12345 A);
One letter and six numbers (1-999999) or six numbers (1-999999) and one letter (A 123456 or 123456 A);
Numbers 28801 through 9999999.


A personalized plate must contain at least four letters. The maximum number of letters and/or numbers is seven.


A personalized logo plate may contain no more than six characters as the logo takes up one space.