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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Registration Late Fees - Frequently Asked Questions


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Can vehicle registration late fees be waived?

Yes. For the following situations with documentation:

a. If there is a delay in processing mail-in renewal, the local Deputy Registrar will be notified and no documentation is required.

b. If your vehicle fails an e-check on or before the vehicle registration expiration date and now has a valid e-check certificate, the late fee will be waived.

c. If you have recently moved into an E-check County, you will be required to provide a valid DL/ID that has the old, non e-check address on it, utility bill, bank statement or any other document that contains old, non e-check address and customer's name to have the late fee waived.

d. If your vehicle is non-operable, you will be required to provide an accident report (must have occurred on or prior to vehicle registration expiration date), estimate from a dealership or repair shop or receipt from mechanic to have the fees waived.

e. If you were on active duty when your plates expired, you or your dependents must provide a DD214, Military ID, Military dependent ID, Military orders, LES (Leave and Earning Statement) or Letter from commanding officer to have the late fee waived.

f. If you were recently hospitalized, you can submit your Medical Treatment Records that contains both the admittance and discharge date, must be an extended illness, start prior to expiration date and include the 30-day grace period.

Can late fees be waived on OPLATES/IVR?

Late fees cannot be waived on OPLATES. Once renewal has been completed on Oplates/IVR, late fees will not be refunded.

Will late fees be waived through the mail?

Mail-in notices will be scanned once received. If the vehicle registration is already expired, and no late fee is included, the registration will not be renewed and the mailing, including your personal check, will be returned with a letter advising you to go to a Deputy Registrar.  If the mail-in registration is expired when it is scanned and the $10 late fee is included, the transaction will be completed.

I paid a late fee in June for my seasonal vehicle - can I get a refund?

No. Effective 7/1/11, HB 114 identified what is considered a seasonal vehicle and exempted the late fee to be charged for these seasonal vehicles from that day forward.

If I renew my motorcycle a month late, will I have to pay a late fee?

No. Effective 7/1/11, motorcycles are exempted from the late fees due to the passing of HB 114.

If I renew my seasonal vehicle after my 30-day grace period, will I have to pay a late fee?

Effective 7/1/11, a customer is exempt from a late fee, if their vehicle is one of the following: motorcycle, moped, golf cart, APV, non-commercial trailer, farm truck, farm bus, house vehicle, and motor home.

Will my renewal fees be prorated if I renew late?

Renewal fees are prorated only if the vehicle has not been driven since previous renewal.