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ODPS BMV Financial Responsibility Study Committee

Financial Responsibility Study Committee Statement of Purpose

HB 278 mandated that a Study Group be established to research the feasibility of requiring insurance companies issuing vehicle liability policies to report certain policy information to the BMV of Motor Vehicles. The committee is required to prepare a comprehensive report, including findings and recommendation regarding the following questions:

  1. Should insurers be required to report the issuance of new vehicle insurance policies or changes in vehicle insurance status to the BMV? If so, within what timeframe should the report be made?
  2. What sanctions should be imposed on insurers for failure to file required reports in a timely manner.
  3. What notice, if any, should be provided to customers whose insurance has been reported lapsed or cancelled?
  4. Should insurers be granted immunity from civil liability for failure to make a required report?
  5. The financial impact of this required reporting on the insurance industry as well as the potential for increased insurance premiums to customers.
  6. What uses should be made of the reported information, including whether this information should be excluded from the public records requests (per section 149.43 of the Revised Code)