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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Public Owned Disability Plates

Special Plates Types



General Information
The purpose of disabled license plates for public owned vehicles is for "use exclusively in the performance of the governmental or proprietary functions of the state or any political subdivision thereof, or are used exclusively in a federal program".
Registrant Eligibility Must complete form BMV 4501. Disabled license plates for Public owned license vehicles are issued to political subdivisions and agencies thereof in order to transport disabled persons. These plates identify the vehicle as belonging to a political subdivision by the word "county", "state", "city", or "government" printed along the bottom of the plate and has the international symbol of access on the left-hand side of the license plate. The agency must receive its entire funding from a political subdivision for gratis plates.
Title Requirements Ohio Certificate of Title
Vehicle Information These plates may be issued to passenger vehicles, trucks, recreational vehicles, house vehicles, trailers and motorcycles.
Issuance Information

License plates may only be issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles headquarters in Columbus, Ohio or by calling 614-752-7518. We will issue a registration card along with a permit which will allow the customer to operate their vehicle while their plates are being manufactured.

All plates will be mailed directly to the address on your registration card unless customer requests otherwise.

Applications are available at all Deputy Registrar license agency locations, can be obtained by calling 614-752-7518, or can be downloaded by clicking HERE.
Cost There is no fee for these license plates. License plates are issued in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 4503.44 and 4503.16