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Welcome to the ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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Toledo Deputy Registrar Relocation
#FlashbackFriday Effective October 2, 1961, the definition of "Historical Motor Vehicle" was changed to mean any motor vehicle which was built on or prior to December 31, 1926. The other requirements for licensing historical vehicles remained the same.
Stricter Rules For Ohio Teen Drivers Begin In July
Norwalk Deputy Registrar Moving to New Location
Changes to Commercial Driver License Restrictions
Thanks to the Donate Life Ohio Mobile Vehicle & staff for coming to educate us yesterday!
Last week we debuted the new Military Sacrifice Plate - Check out this video from the unveiling ceremony!
National Safety Council researchers: Cell Phones Linked to 27 Percent of Crashes
Today is National Ride to Work Day! Please remember to‪ #ShareTheRoad safely!
In honor of International EMS/Fire Safety and Health Week

Drive responsibly and stay alert to keep motorcyclists safe. #ShareTheRoad
ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

General Information

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles


Rus’ personalized plate reads LUV ME 2X. He and his wife Deniece were recently married in 2014. They were high school sweethearts but things didn’t work out for them back then and they split up and lost touch completely. Deniece had a 1974 VW Bug at the time which Rus purchased from Deniece’s mother while she was off in Army Basic Training.

Fate brought them together after more than 30 years apart and together they purchased another 1974 VW Bug. They feel this is their second chance at love and their second VW Bug.

We still want to hear from you! E-mail us a photo of you with your personalized plate and tell us how you chose your plate’s message. Plates must be current and valid. You could be featured on BMV’s Facebook page and BMV’s official website. You could also win a decorative plate award with the personalization of your choice! Winners selected quarterly.

Next of Kin logo Emergency Contact Information  

Next of Kin (NOK)

Adds emergency contact information to your driving record, for law enforcement purposes only, in the event one of your family members would need to be contacted regarding an emergency situation.
You also may allow your emergency contact person(s) to share your current medical information with medical professionals providing emergency treatment if you are involved in an emergency or otherwise unable to communicate.

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Download commonly requested BMV forms. Available in (PDF) format.

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Retrieve Ohio Crash Reports.

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Ohio photo ID cards for children will assist authorities in the event that a child is reported missing.

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The opportunity to impact lives starts with a personal commitment to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.

ODPS | Bureau of Motor Vehicles

OPLATES.com allows you to renew one or more vehicles and/or select and purchase specialty plates in minutes.