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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement



Ohio Revised Code Section 4509.37

A judgment arising from a lawsuit in any court of record and remaining unsatisfied for 30 days may be certified to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) for suspension action. These judgments may arise from property damage, or personal injury, resulting from the use, care, or maintenance of a motor vehicle. If a judgment is obtained, a certified journal entry should be forwarded to the BMV for suspension of the defendant's driving and registration privileges.

  1. A judgment suspension is an indefinite suspension (7-year suspension if setup date is prior to 01/01/04) unless the defendant complies with one of the following:
  2. A release in full or an agreement signed by the plaintiff or the attorney for the plaintiff (in the event of a default, the defendant will be placed under suspension until a release in full OR another agreement is received.)
  3. A certified journal entry from the court indicating a full release or an agreement has been accepted.
  4. A Petition or Discharge in Bankruptcy accompanied by a Schedule of Debts listing the judgment.

In addition, the defendant must further meet the requirement of filing proof of Financial Responsibility Insurance (Form SR-22 or Bond) for three years from the suspension date. (*Five years if the judgment was rendered on or after April 20, 1995 and setup date is prior to January 1, 2004)

If the accident occurred after January 1, 1984, the defendant will also become subject to a Noncompliance Suspension, unless the defendant was previously suspended under that section for the same accident.

Appeal - An appeal may be filed with the Court of Common Pleas in the county in which the defendant resides or, in the instance of an out-of-state party, in the Court of Common Pleas in Franklin County within 15 days of the notice of suspension. Upon receipt of such an appeal, the suspension remains in effect unless a STAY ORDER is also issued by the judge. The outcome of the appeal will decide further action.