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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement


Out-of-State Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses

Ohio Revised Code Section 4510.17

          • Receipt of a report from a court, court clerk or other official of any other state or from any federal authority that a resident of this state pleaded guilty to or was convicted of a drug related offense under Chapter 2925 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC); or who pleads guilty to or is convicted of a violation of a statue of any other state or a municipal ordinance similar to Section 4511.19 of the ORC.
Length of Suspension
        • 6 months (Can be adjusted to run concurrent with out-of-state court suspension, if applicable)
                                                        • If driver is not the holder of a current valid Ohio driver license, he/she will be denied issuance of a permit for 6 months beginning on the date of notice.
                                                        • If a child placed under this suspension has not reached the age of 16, the period of denial will be 6 months from his/her 16th birthday.

Appeal Procedures
          • May request an administrative hearing by writing the BMV within 21 days of the date of the suspension notice. The hearing request does not delay or put the suspension in abeyance. The scope of the hearing is to determine if there was an actual plea of guilty or if subject was found guilty of the offense.

Reinstatement Requirements
          • Serve suspension period.
          • Additionally, a reinstatement fee will be required if the suspension notice was mailed on or after 10/01/97.

Termination of Suspension
          • The court in which the citation occurred reduces the charge or dismisses the charge.
                                                        • If DUI charge is reduced to "Reckless Operation" case would be deleted.
                                                        • If charge of "Under the Influence of Drugs" is reduced to "Drug Paraphernalia" suspension would still stand.
          • Subject wins in Hearing Process.

Limited Driving Privileges
          • Out-of-State Drug Related Offenses
            Pursuant to H.B. 163, effective September 23, 2004, any person whose license or permit has been suspended under section 4510.17 of the Ohio revised Code may file a petition for limited driving privileges in the municipal or county court, or in case the person is under eighteen years of age, the juvenile court, in whose jurisdiction the person resides, if the suspension would seriously affect the person's ability to continue employment.

          • Out-of-State Alcohol Related Offenses

          May apply for limited driving privileges through the municipal or county court, or in case the person is under eighteen years of age, the juvenile court, in whose jurisdiction the person resides.