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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Random Selection Program

ODPS | BMV | Random Selection Program


Ohio's Financial Responsibility Law states in part, that "...no person shall operate or permit the operation of a motor vehicle in this state, unless proof of financial responsibility is maintained continuously throughout the registration period with respect to that vehicle..." Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) section 4509.101 (A)(1)). This law creates the Random Selection Program as one method to verify that individuals maintain financial responsibility.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles implemented and has carried out this Program since its establishment in 1998. Individuals whose vehicles are randomly selected are required to provide either proof of insurance for a specific date or documentation showing that the vehicle should be exempted from the program. Individuals who are unable to provide proof of financial responsibility or provide documentation that they meet an exemption to the financial responsibility requirements are subject to a suspension of their driver's license.


Every week, using an algorithmic formula to insure randomness, the Bureau selects approximately 5,400 vehicles from its vehicle registration files. The vehicle owners are mailed the "Notice Requiring Proof of Insurance." Individuals who provide valid verification of financial responsibility will receive a letter from the Bureau to thank them for their prompt response and the Bureau does not take any suspension action.

Individuals who provide inadequate information (e.g., an insurance card with wrong dates or the wrong vehicle) are sent a follow-up request for verification. This follow-up request does not delay any possible suspension action.

Individuals who do not respond to the initial "Notice Requiring Proof of Insurance" or who do not provide adequate information are sent a "First Notice of Suspension." This Notice provides the recipient with 60 days to provide proof of insurance before the pending suspension becomes effective and also provides the recipient with the opportunity to request an administrative hearing.

If an adequate response to the "First Notice of Suspension" is not received within 30 days of its mailing, the "Second Notice of Suspension" is sent via certified mail. The "Second Notice of Suspension" informs the recipient that an adequate response must be received within 30 days (60 days from that date of the "First Suspension Notice") or the recipient's license will be suspended. The recipient is again given the opportunity to request an administrative hearing.

Finally, if after 60 days from the "First Notice of Suspension" (30 days from the Second Notice of Suspension"), an individual has not provided an adequate response, he or she will be placed under suspension and the Bureau may suspend the individual's right to register a motor vehicle. The length of the suspension is determined by the number of prior financial responsibility suspensions:

  1. The first offense is a 90-day suspension;
  2. The second offense within five years of a violation is a one-year suspension; and
  3. The third offense and subsequent offenses within five years of a violation will result in a two-year suspension.