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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Staggered Registration

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Commercial Trucks, Trailers and Semi Trailers

House Bill (HB) 87 introduced staggered registration of commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, and semi trailers.  The result is the revision of the administrative rule 4501:1-7-03 and the adoption of administrative rules 4501:1-7-05 and 4501:1-7-06.

Staggered registration became effective for Ohio beginning March 1, 2004. Commercial vehicles now expire throughout the entire year.

Staggered registration assigns a new primary expiration month for commercial vehicles based on the last two numbers of the carrier's Tax ID Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN).  The carrier will have the option to split his/her fleets in to predetermined months. See Staggered Registration Chart.

Staggered registration has allowed options for carriers to choose the most optimal plan for their company.

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Registration Options

Commercial Vehicle
Expiration Date
One vehicle/fleet Primary month
Two vehicles/fleets Primary month and secondary month*
Three vehicles/fleets  Primary month, secondary month and one (1) assigned optional month

Four or more vehicles/

Primary month, secondary month, and 1-2 assigned optional months

*The secondary month is the assigned month that is six months from the primary month.

          • All registrations will expire the last day of the month.
          • All registrations are eligible for renewal 90 days prior to expiration.
          • Some registrations may exceed 12 months during the transition period only.
          • Current required documents must be presented at renewal or when applying for a new commercial registration (i.e. form 2290).
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New Registrants

All new registrants bringing in a new commercial vehicle will immediately be staggered.

***The Deputy Registrar is required to calculate registration fees from the "first used" date.  The first used date is considered to be the purchase date of the commercial vehicle.  Therefore, some new registrants may have more registration fees added from prior use of the vehicle.