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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Remedial Driving Instruction Course


Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4501-21

Course Requirements
          • A classroom course shall be a minimum of 8 hours in duration.

Minimum Subject Requirements:
          • Accidents - "Preventable or Not"
          • The Practice of Defensive Driving
          • How to Avoid a Collision with the Vehicle Behind
          • How to Avoid a Collision with an Oncoming Vehicle
          • How to Avoid an Intersection Collision
          • The Art of Passing and Being Passed
          • The Mystery Crash
          • How to Avoid Other Common Types of Collisions

A minimum of 25% of the number of hours of instruction shall be devoted to driver attitude.

Duties of the Course Operator
          • Certify to the registrar of motor vehicles as to the successful completion of the course for each applicant who applies for a two-point credit after receiving a 6-point warning letter, or being charged with a two point violation; or as needed for reinstatement requirements.
          • Certification must be on a form and in a manner approved by the Registrar.
          • Records must be maintained by course operator for a period of two years.