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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles 2014 RFP Email Inquiry System Questions & Answers

ODPS | BMV | Deputy Registrar Email Inquiry System Questions & Answers



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Q1.      There appears to be a new requirement for installation of commercial fire alarm systems. (new since my last proposal submission in 2010 at least) (2014 RFP, page 1-17, section 1.13, Security Requirements - requirement 5 - "installation of monitored alarm reporting smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and flood (where applicable) detection devices"). Would you please elaborate on the requirement for the fire alarm system to be "monitored" - what is your definition of "monitored"? 

A1.      Monitored alarm is generally defined as “a central-station (company) that provides services to monitor/watch/supervise their customers’ security systems by using special telephone lines, computers, software, and/or trained staff to contact the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received.” 

Q2.      Will there be any "grandfathering" (exemptions) for existing agencies that do not already have a monitored commercial fire alarm systems? 

A2.      All deputy registrars that receive five-year contracts beginning June 29, 2014, will be required to have all security requirements specified in the 2014 RFP and Deputy Registrar Contract. 

Q3.      Will BMV Site Controlled locations be required to have monitored fire alarm systems just like Deputy Provided Sites? If so, will this requirement be equally enforced as a contract requirement - a contingency to be verified by BMV Field Staff before receiving a contract signed by the Registrar? 

A3.      All license agency locations that begin new contracts effective June 29, 2014, through June 29, 2019, will be required to have all security requirements specified in the 2014 RFP and Deputy Registrar Contract. 

Q4.      Can I list a prior Deputy Registrar to verify my manager experience if she is my mother? 

A4.      Yes; if you worked a deputy registrar agency operated by your mother or other relative, that relative may be listed to verify your employment experience. 

Q5.      Will the minimum number of staffing hours (Form 4.3 Staffing and Personnel) be what we are held accountable for if a contract is awarded? 

A5.      You will be required to comply with at least the minimum number of hours you state in your proposal unless you obtain written permission from BMV to reduce the number of hours based on a decline in your business transactions.  

Q6.      Does all of employee private area have to be out of public view or can part of it be to the back of employee service area where clerical work is done? 

A6.      BMV prefers that the employee private area be separate from the employee service area and your proposal will be evaluated accordingly. 

Q7.      Can Deputy Registrar office be considered in employee private area square footage? 

A7.      Yes; the employee private area includes the deputy registrar’s office. 

Q8.      Can storage area and employee private area overlap? 

A8.      BMV prefers that the storage area be separate from the employee private area. It may be possible to include some storage within the employee private area provided that the storage is adequately secure and you do not duplicate the square footage assigned to each area. Your proposal will be evaluated based upon the usefulness and security of the designated spaces.  

Q9.      Should public/private bathroom be considered in square footage?  Should it show on the sketch?  Is it considered employee private area? 

A9.      The restroom space is included as part of the total square footage for your agency. It is a separate area; it is not included as part of employee private area. It must be included in the sketch as a separate area. 

Q10.    If the bid is based on a renovation plan, can slight changes be made to things like counter height as long as they still meet the BMV specs? 

A10.    It is acceptable to renovate counters provided that the renovated counters meet all current BMV counter specifications. 

Q11.    I recently got married and my credit report still shows my former last name.  I have submitted paperwork to have it updated.  If the name doesn't update in time, can I submit a marriage license along with the credit report? 

A11.    If your credit report is still in your former name, you should submit a copy of a marriage license or other acceptable document to verify that the credit report is yours. 

Q12.    I share a building and parking lot with a clerk of courts title department and have 39 parking spaces. There is no other business in the building. Question #15 on the 5.1 form is how many of the parking spaces are reserved exclusively for deputy registrar customers.  Would the answer be 39 since we typically have shared customers or would it be 0 because the customer could be parking for either or both of our offices? 

A12.    If parking spaces are shared with any other business, office, or agency, those spaces are not considered as being reserved exclusively for deputy registrar customers. 

Q13.    Can extra storage area square footage be in a basement directly beneath the office?  There is a door in the floor of our office and it is the only access to that basement.  Would there need to be a lock on that door? 

A13.    It is permissible to have some storage in the basement if it is readily accessible, secure, and otherwise suitable for storage and retrieval of stored items. It should include a lock on any access point.   

Q14.    When I went to get my BCII it was direct copied to the BMV. There is no way for them to put in an address of where it is sent. How am I to make sure that my fingerprints went to the correct address? 

A14.    You can call BMV Special Operations at 614-752-0585 to verify whether your BCII WebCheck has been received.  As long as you provide a valid receipt as evidence that you requested a BCII WebCheck prior to the February 7 RFP deadline, BMV staff will follow-up with BCII officials to obtain your report.   

Q15.    From now on where would any employees’ fingerprints get sent? They usually have to be sent to the district office. 

A15.    You should continue to request that BCII WebCheck reports for license agency employees are sent directly to the appropriate BMV district offices. 

Q16.    When picking a location for a proposed site, is it preferred to pick a location nearest to a clerk of courts Title Bureau? 

A16.    If the location that you are proposing is designated as a Deputy Provided Site, Proximity, you may receive the highest consideration for a proposed site that is situated in the same building, in an adjacent building, within the same business district, or within the same shopping center as the existing Driver’s License Exam Station or Clerk of Courts Title Office. Second highest consideration will be given to a site situated within approximately one-half mile, by most direct public-access route, to the existing Driver’s License Exam Station or Clerk of Courts Title Office. Equal consideration is given for situating close to either a Driver’s License Exam Station or Clerk of Courts Title Office. 

Q17.    In the proposal revisions, it states that the site attachment does not apply to numerous agencies. My question is does this include forms 5.1 thru 5.4? 

A17.    The Deputy Provided Site Attachment has no bearing on whether or not Site Forms 5.0 through 5.4 are required or not. If any particular location is designated as a “Deputy Site,” Site Forms 5.0 through 5.4 are required to be completed and submitted with your proposal package(s). 

Q18.    Form 4.2 – Should I list all my existing employees that work at my agency now? I do not expect to hire new employees at this time. 

A18.    It is not necessary to list all of your current license agency employees on Form 4.2. If you are an incumbent deputy registrar, you should list the names and length of experience of at least two but no more than five existing employees.  

Q19.    Can I or should I include a resume along with form 3.1? 

A19.    It is not a requirement to include a resume with your proposal. The submission of a resume is optional but not required. 

Q20.    Several forms have been revised; will there be any more revisions after today? If so, when can I complete and print the forms? 

A20.    There could still be changes to forms. However, any further changes should be limited to errors that may be discovered within the Adobe form fill-in data fields only. You can complete and print your forms at any time. It is incumbent upon the proposers to check their forms for content and accuracy of the information that they provide to the BMV.

Q21.    Form 4.3 – I believe only the maximum hours, pay, hourly rate and weekly pay will add at the bottom in the totals column. If this is the case, do the minimum hours, minimum hourly rate, minimum weekly pay and the minimum monthly pay need to be filled in? If not do we fill in the blanks with N/A? 

A21.    Although Form 4.3 automatically totals the maximum hours per week, weekly pay, and monthly pay, the minimum figures for hours per week, hourly rate, weekly pay, and monthly pay should be entirely completed. This information is required in order to submit a complete proposal.


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Q22.    Forms 3.2 (A), 3.2(B), and 3.2(C) – Are these forms required for all previous ownership, management and employment, including prior to 1990? Form 3.1 states that no experience will be considered prior to 1990. 

A22.    Forms 3.2 (A, B & C) should only be completed and submitted for employment dating from year 1990 and subsequent years. 

Q23.    Why is there a maximum and minimum number of hours to calculate? Does this mean you figure the minimum wage for the minimum rate and what should the minimum hours be?  

A23.    An example of minimum and maximum number of hours would be for an employee with flexible work hours that may not work a standard workweek. A part-time employee may work 10 hours one week and 35 hours the next week. The intent of this information is to record the absolute minimum hours and maximum hours that a given employee could work. If the employee is permanent full-time, then the minimum and maximum hours should be identical. 

The minimum and maximum wages may not necessarily relate to the number of work hours for any particular employee. The intent of the minimum and maximum wages is to capture the lowest (beginning) and highest (maximum) pay rates for any particular employee. 

Q24.    I am currently a deputy registrar that provides the background check service. Can I have my background check done in my own agency? For the address to send it to, one of options is for Direct Copy to Deputy Registrar BMV. Can we choose this option or do we bypass Direct Copy and have the results mailed address provided? If we use the mail address, the system requires a phone number as well. What number do we use? 

A24.    Incumbent deputy registrars that presently provide WebCheck services in their license agency businesses may process their own WebCheck reports. All WebCheck report results must be sent directly to BMV Special Operations, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 1970 West Broad Street, P.O. Box 16520, Columbus, OH 43216-6520. The phone number is (614) 752-0585. 

Q25.    I am currently a deputy registrar and my business account has always been in my corporation name in which I am the sole officer and own 100%. So if my name is Jane B. Doe and my bank account is Jane B. Doe Inc., is this an acceptable account to show the start up?

A25.    Yes, incumbent deputy registrars may certify bank funds on deposit in the name of a license agency business operating account name. 

Q26.    What if employees are paid a salary not hourly, do we leave the hourly rate blank? And are the minimum monthly totals or the maximum monthly totals figured for the total labor dollars needed in the start-up calculation? 

A26.    If an employee is paid a salary, leave the hourly amount blank and/or weekly amount blank if an employee is paid a monthly salary. The maximum monthly pay totals are used to assist in determining the total amount of start-up costs needed. 

Q27.    What if we propose the same minimum hours and pay rates as the maximum hours and pay rates? In the past, we've only been asked for minimums - we can always schedule additional hours and pay people more at any time, right? This additional coverage in the agency would be just intended to provide better service. I don't understand this change - can you explain in greater detail? 

A27.    If the minimum and maximum pay rates are identical, fill the identical amounts in for minimum and maximum pay. You may always pay an employee more than the amount(s) listed on Form 4.3. The intent of recording the minimum and maximum pay rates is to differentiate between the absolute lowest beginning pay for example: a new hire or part-time employee as opposed to a longer term employee with more experience and/or more work hours and potentially more responsibilities. 

Q28.    I am having a lot of problems trying to fill in the Adobe fill-in fields. The keys I press are not what is being filled in the field. Example – If I press a 4 – @ shows up, or if I press a K – a 5 shows up on the screen. I have downloaded the software three times now, and copied over the forms five times – it is different every time. This has been done on two different computers with different software on them and there seems to be no difference. The pages that do work are single pages only. Form 3.1 has several pages and will not work. Are there any suggestions?  

A28.    It is the responsibility of the proposer to fill out the forms properly and in entirety. The Adobe fill-in form fields were added as a convenience to assist with the completion of the forms. The BMV is not responsible for specific technical troubleshooting with regard to issues with Adobe form fill-in fields. Several corrections have already been made to the Adobe form fill-in fields and there have been no subsequent reports of any errors on the forms or the fill-in fields contained therein. Make certain that you have downloaded the most current version of the forms from the BMV Website and that you have installed the most current version of Adobe Reader software on your computer. The forms can be printed blank and completed with a typewriter or legibly hand written, if needed. If you wish to report Adobe form fill-in field issues, you will need to specify exactly which form(s) and which field(s) are not functioning properly and transmit that information to the same email address that is used for asking RFP questions (DeputyRegistrarRFP@dps.ohio.gov).  

Q29.    If I would put in a RFP for a BMV site controlled facility, what equipment do I need to provide if awarded the contract. From what I have read the state furnishes the equipment, what other costs are involved. 

A29.    At a BMV Controlled Site, the selected deputy registrar is responsible for providing all office equipment and supplies except the BMV-supplied computers, equipment, and inventory (see RFP Section 1.8). The deputy registrar is responsible for providing all office furniture for both employees and customers (desks, chairs, tables, etc.), office equipment (typewriters, calculators, file cabinets, trash receptacles, shelving, etc.), and all office supplies necessary to operate the deputy registrar agency. Each deputy registrar shall supply a copy machine and a fax machine (or one machine capable of both) and at least one crosscut shredder for the deputy registrar’s use and for the customers’ use to securely dispose of documents containing personal information. The BMV does not provide cost figures or estimates for ancillary expenses associated with operating any license agency business. It is the responsibility of the proposer to determine how much start-up costs will be needed to operate any particular license agency that is proposed.


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Q30.    On Form 3.1, we are to list all positions of employment held after 1980. (page 6) My question is, must I include on a 3.2 (C) all of the employers I had listed, or only those that pertain to License Bureau experience? 

A30.    You will only receive credit for experience you list on forms 3.2 (A), (B), and (C), and only for experience earned after 1990. It is the responsibility of each proposer to supply enough verifiable employment information to receive the highest possible score in terms of business and employment experience. It is in the proposer’s best interest to supply as much relevant employment experience as possible in order to receive the highest score that the proposer would be eligible to receive.

Q31.    The monthly security check - is that to be performed by the company who installs/monitors the security system, or can deputy registrar employees be trained by the security personnel on how to do the testing? What is the purpose of monthly testing - to assure batteries are good and system is functioning properly, or is it to be like the testing done every 6 months where all zones and equipment are checked?  

A31.    Depending on the brand and type of security system installed, the BMV would be willing to approve monthly testing of the security system by the deputy registrar and/or agency staff in order to manage costs associated with paying the security system provider or contractor to provide this service. The basic intent of monthly security system testing is to ensure that the system and all features are fully functional.

Q32.    Once the BMV implements the credit & debit card processing system, will it be our choice on what system to use (as long as it complies with standards set by BMV) or a system/company chosen by the BMV? If we are allowed to choose our own system - can it be something such as Square Reader that uses a Smartphone or Tablet, or will it be required to be a hard-wired machine? If it is to be chosen by BMV - what is the projected cost for the service? Who will pay for installation of system if BMV chosen? 

A32.    The details of any credit and debit card over-the-counter acceptance requirements will be governed by State statute and BMV administrative rules which have not yet been developed. BMV cannot provide any details about future credit card acceptance requirements at this time. The credit issuing agency will most likely be designated by the State Treasurer and BMV.

Q33.    Section 3.1, #25, am I to answer this question as the Deputy Registrar Office Manager, or the Officer of the NPC? 

A33.    Educational information related to a nonprofit corporation applying for a license agency contract needs to be supplied for the individual who will actually manage the license agency business on a daily basis.

Q34.    Section 3.1, #28, am I to compose this in essay form since the form provided isn’t formatted for NPC usage description? 

A34.    For question (#28) a nonprofit corporation (NPC) should enter “See attached,” and attach a separate sheet describing the NPC’s business and fund raising experience.

Q35.    Section 3.2 (A), #6, am I to answer as NPC Officer or as the Deputy Registrar Office Manager? 

A35.    Nonprofit corporations must report only the businesses and activities conducted by the nonprofit corporation itself on Form 3.2(A) Business Ownership Experience. If the nonprofit corporation has operated a deputy registrar agency, that information should be entered and submitted on one Form 3.2(A) Business Ownership Experience. Any other business activities (fund raising, charitable activities, etc.) should also be entered and submitted on a separate 3.2(A) Business Ownership Experience. Use a separate Form 3.2 for each separate business activity performed by the NPC and a separate Form 3.2(A) for each separate business activity performed by the NPC.

Q36.    Section 3.2 (A), should I submit one form as NPC Officer and one form for the Deputy Registrar Office Manager position? 

A36.    Refer to the answer to question number 35.

Q37.    Form 4.3, how to calculate maximum hours? Those can vary depending on employees covering vacations and sick time for other employees. 

A37.    The intent of the information needed to complete Form 4.3 is to record the absolute minimum hours and maximum typical/usual hours that a given employee could/would work. If the employee is permanent full-time, then the minimum and maximum hours should be identical.

Q38.    Will a new bond issued as of January 2014 work in lieu of a letter of approval. 

A38.    An actual $25,000 surety bond issued in 2014 is acceptable proof of a proposer’s ability to fulfill the bond coverage requirement only if the bond covers at least the first full year of the new deputy registrar contract beginning on June 29, 2014.

Q39.    2014 RFP, Page 1-17, Section 1.13, Security Requirements states, in part, …each camera must be a digital color camera with zoom capability..." I am an incumbent deputy registrar with an existing monitored video surveillance system that seems to meet all of the new requirements. My cameras have zoom capability in the sense that I can stand on a ladder and adjust the zoom manually on the camera lens. I have a video monitor that displays the feeds from my twelve cameras. I can mouse click on one camera's feed and enlarge that to full screen.  Beyond that, I cannot remotely zoom in/out the lens any closer/further at my computer. Is this acceptable or do you require "casino" grade cameras with better remote zoom capabilities? If better zoom capability is desired, my security company wants to know what zoom ratio is required. 

A39.    The BMV requirement will be that the surveillance system sufficiently observe customer and employee activity inside of the license agency business with a sufficient number of security cameras to fully view all areas of each entrance, customer waiting area, customer service area, and all entrances to the inventory storage area, at all times. The zoom capability should, at minimum, provide sufficient clarity to positively identify customers and employees.

Q40.    On form 4.3, it is asking for minimum and maximum of both hours and hourly rate. As a deputy, we would be required to have at least the minimum hours not the maximum? Regarding maximum pay rate is this referring to maximum starting or maximum pay during the contract? 

A40.    The deputy registrar will be requested to staff for at least the minimum staffing hours proposed. The maximum pay rate that is to be recorded on Form 4.3 is intended to list the maximum pay potential for any employee throughout the term of the contract.

Q41.    Form 3.2, are both 3.2(B) and 3.2(C) required when you have been both management and employee? 

A41.    Yes, Form 3.2(B) and 3.2(C) allow the proposer to differentiate the capacities of employment and also to specifically and clearly identify the dates of employment at each capacity of employment.


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Q42.    When asked if we have a shredder available to the public, does that mean out in the customer area or is one behind the counter that we can make available to the customer acceptable? Also, what about the shredding company bins that we use? Is that an acceptable alternative to a shredder for the customers use?

A42.    Locking containers and shredding service companies are two types of options available to the deputy registrars to protect sensitive documents. If a customer elects to have their documents secured or shredded while in the license agency, the deputy registrar or a deputy registrar employee should offer to place the customer’s documents into a locked container or shred the documents while the customer observes. The shredder does not need to be directly accessible to the customer.

Q43.    My current bond was continued through June 30, 2016, when we got the one-year extension last year. Can I just submit a copy of that bond since it is still in force for 2.5 more years? 

A43.     A $25,000 surety bond that is currently valid is acceptable proof of a proposer’s ability to fulfill the bond coverage requirement only if the bond covers at least the first full year of the new deputy registrar contract beginning on June 29, 2014. 

Q44.    I want to have a $10.00 per hour probationary pay for the first ninety days and then automatically raise the employee to $12.00 per hour after the probationary/training period. Do I have to list that as the minimum pay? Additionally all of my employees are currently making at least the $12.00 figure with most over that figure. Do I list their current pay as the maximum?  

A44.    On Form 4.3, you should list the absolute known minimum pay that you would pay any employee and list the absolute known maximum pay you would pay any employee throughout the term of the contract. It will always be acceptable to exceed the maximum listed pay for any given employee.


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Q45.    If an agency does not share ceiling space (walls go past the drop ceiling to the roof) with other units in the building, would rooms already equipped with alarm contacts on all points of entry, still be required to have “motion detectors”? 

A45.    If there would be any potential for an intruder to enter any rooms other than the intended entrance(s) via a wall, ceiling and/or floor, motion detectors would be required. The security requirements are intended to be all-inclusive for all license agencies. However, there will be instances where security requirements will need to be modified to accommodate the best practical solutions for any particular license agency location. BMV management and field staff will be authorized to evaluate and approve the security plans for all license agency locations.

 Q46.    If I own a business and fill out form 3.2A and also supervise my employees do I have to fill out form 3.2B also? 

A46.    If you are a business owner and manage/supervise employees as the business owner, you do not need to fill out For 3.2(B) as it would relate to your business ownership recorded on Form 3.2(A). Question number six (6) on Form 3.2(A) specifically asks if you directly managed employees on a daily basis and part two of question number six (6) asks how many employees you managed.

 Q47.    Can you explain under what circumstances the registrar would determine that a deputy registrar could be awarded more than office and does the deputy registrar have any input to the Registrar that they are interested in operating more than one location? 

A47.    The Registrar would determine, based on operational needs, when it would be practical and beneficial to award contracts to a deputy registrar to operate more than one deputy registrar agency at specific locations designated by the registrar.

 Q48.    The verbiage in the Deputy Registrar Contract Terms and Conditions page 10, no longer references any information regarding FUTA.  In all prior RFP's it has specifically stated that DR's are exempt from FUTA. Does the exemption still apply? 

A48.    The BMV is not aware of any changes to the FUTA exemption. However, this is a question you may want to ask your own tax advisor.

 Q49.    The RFP says "installation of a monitored video surveillance system." is required. I have an 8 camera 700tvl system that records to a 1TB dvr. Is that sufficient or does monitored mean that it has to be monitored offsite? 

A49.    As of the release date of this 2014 Deputy Registrar Request For proposals, offsite monitored video surveillance is not required. However, the BMV does reserve the right to require more or less security measures whenever and wherever needed.

 Q50.    Should I insert my Ohio MBE certificate on Personal 3.0 packet or right in front of Form 4.0? 

A50.    Your Ohio MBE Certificate should be placed into the Personal 3.0 packet of forms.

 Q51.    Should I insert the BMV MBE set-aside questionnaire on Personal Form 3.0 or in Form 4.0 packet?  

A51.    Your Minority Set-Aside Questionnaire should be placed into the Personal 3.0 packet of forms.

 Q52.    When we submit the original and copy, may we use a blank paper (Mark down "copy") in between to separate the original and copy? 

A52.    Yes, a piece a paper marked “copy” may be used to separate original documents from the copies.

 Q53.    On Form 4.3, if the figure is more than 10,000, the total max figure will have a black square cross sign at lower corner. Will we lose point if that is computer generates the black cross square? 

A53.    As long as BMV evaluators can read the amount, no points will be deducted on the evaluation. However, if there is any chance that the figure may not be clearly read by BMV evaluators, you should include the handwritten amount directly under the appropriate column on Form 4.3.


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Q54.    What if the company I lease from is unable to give a five-year lease?  Is there any option for a three-year contract?  Will I have to move the location to bid for five years?  Can I bid three years at the current location and then move the agency to the new location for the final two years? 

A54.    If a current deputy registrar site is available for lease option for only three years instead of five years, a proposer may propose that site by submitting a three-year lease option and modifying the proposed deputy registrar contract for a three-year term. If your proposal is accepted, the location will then be scheduled for a new RFP at the end of the three-year period. You may, but are not required to, move to a new location where a five-year lease option is available. You may not bid for three years at the current location with an expectation of moving to a new location for an additional two years. [Note: you MUST make inquiries of this nature only through this Email Inquiry system. Any attempt to ask questions of this nature directly to any Ohio Department of Public Safety or Bureau of Motor Vehicles employee is a violation of the RFP process and may result in an unfavorable evaluation or a disqualification of your proposal.]

Q55.    In a proposal for an existing agency, can you use the rent amount based off the current deputy’s last proposal if the location will not be changing or do we need to get a current lease agreement quote from property management? 

A55.    For any Deputy Provided Site, each proposer MUST submit a fully signed and notarized Lease Option, form 5.3 in the proposer’s name from the property owner or authorized agent. Failure to submit a valid lease option is grounds for disqualification.

Q56.    For MBE sites, are you allowed to bid if you are not considered a minority? 

A56.    A non-minority person may submit a proposal for a minority set aside location, but will not be awarded a contract if the BMV receives a proposal from a qualified minority business enterprise (MBE) owner. The Registrar and Director also reserve the right to reject all proposals and/or to award an interim contact until a qualified MBE owner can be chosen.


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Q57.    I am a current Deputy Registrar at a BMV Site Control Agency. I contacted my alarm company about adding the fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection device.  They told me that Ohio law would require my whole building be connected to the alarm. I am in a building with three other tenants. It would be very expensive to have this done. I don’t think the landlord would be willing to do this. If awarded this contract are there any other alarms that could be used? 

A57.    If the deputy registrar owns the security system that is presently installed in a BMV Controlled Site, it will be the deputy registrar’s responsibility to reasonably comply with all security system requirements. The security requirements are intended to be all-inclusive for all license agencies. However, there will be instances where security requirements will need to be modified to accommodate the best practical solutions for any particular license agency location. BMV management and field staff will be authorized to evaluate and approve the security plans for all license agency locations.

Q58.    Does an equity line of credit qualify as having start-up funds on deposit? 

A58.    The start-up funds on deposit must be in an established account in a bank, a savings and loan institution, or credit union. Lines of credit (including equity lines of credit), brokerage accounts, mutual funds, stocks, credit cards, etc., are not acceptable.

Q59.    If I was to put in a Request for Proposal against incumbent deputies and was successful in obtaining a contract, can I purchase what office equipment he or she may have, or do I have to furnish these myself? 

A59.    After you are awarded a license agency contract, you would be permitted to contact the outgoing deputy registrar and attempt to negotiate the purchase existing office furniture and fixtures that belong to the former deputy registrar. The BMV does not recommend that you contact any current deputy registrars during the Request For Proposals process to attempt to negotiate the purchase of office equipment and fixtures.

Q60.    Will the BMV allow a deputy to expand/upgrade square footage to their business during the 5 year awarded contract, if within the same plaza/location? Should those plans be submitted with their current bid? 

A60.    Under certain circumstances, the BMV may permit a deputy registrar to expand, upgrade, or move a license agency location at some point during a five-year contract, if warranted. However, all Deputy Provided Site proposals received under the 2014 Deputy Registrar Request For Proposals should meet all minimum site requirements in terms of square footage, parking, ADA accessibility, lease terms, geographic boundaries, counters, and all other mandatory requirements.

 Q61.    My question is regarding the shipping of originals and copies of each proposal to the BMV. I understand each proposal must be in a separate envelope, and placed in a bigger envelope or container for shipping. However, my question is shipping “multiple” proposals. Should originals and copies be in the same envelope or in separate envelopes for each location? Is it permissible to put originals and copies in the same envelope and just paper clip them to separate them? Or should each be in a separate envelope? Same with all personnel forms? Just need some clarification.  

A61.    It is permissible to place original documents and copies of the same original documents into one envelope each for Personal, Operational, and Site (if applicable) as long as they are separated from each other with a separator page that is clearly marked so that BMV staff can differentiate the original documents from the copies.

Q62.    Where should I place the 40-page entire personnel policy? Along with Form 3.0.? Should I place it at the last section after preapproval bond statement?  

A62.    When organizing your proposal documents for submission, the entire Personnel Policy should be placed directly after the Form 3.6, Personnel Policy Summary.

Q63.    Do I need to have a signed lease agreement when submitting a proposal for a Deputy Site? 

A63.    To fulfill the Request For Proposals requirement to apply for a Deputy Provided Site, the proposer is only required to furnish a completed, signed, notarized, and valid Form 5.3 Lease Option. A signed lease agreement will be required as a standard contingency item after a contract is awarded.

Q64.    The Proposer is the Clerk of Courts and will not work in the agency. Do I list any hours for her on the 4.3 under Deputy Registrar? And, if so does that figure in with the required minimum weekly staffing hours. 

A64.    If the deputy registrar is a clerk of courts, county auditor, or nonprofit corporation, and will not actually be committing any hours to work in the license agency business, leave the Hours Per Week box next to Deputy Registrar blank on Form 4.3. The recommended weekly staffing hours must be based on the actual number of hours worked in the license agency business each week.

Q65.    If two 4.3 staffing and calculation forms need to be filled out because there are more than 10 employees, should we put the total of just page 2 on page 2, or should we put the total of both pages on the bottom of page 2? 

A65.    If two Form 4.3 Staffing and Personnel Calculation forms need to be filled out, include the totals for each page separately. BMV staff will add the totals together when evaluating the proposed staffing information to calculate the combined totals.


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Q66.    Is there any way to save information entered into the Proposal so if I need to make changes I wouldn't have to re-type the whole page?  

A66.    If you download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader/) you should be able to save the information that is entered into the forms for future reference and editing.

Q67.    When submitting the RFP, are we to include the entire RFP, or just the Sections 3, 4 and 5 documents?

A67.    It is not necessary to submit the 124-page Deputy Registrar RFP document as a part of your proposal submissions.


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Q68.    Can you please advise, if you have done a BCII check in August 2013 in support of another state matter, will a copy forwarded to the BMV work or I have to have another Web check done and sent to you. 

A68.    The BMV will accept only BCII background checks specifically ordered for Ohio Department of Public Safety / Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) purposes; we will not accept BCII reports originally ordered for use by another state agency.

Q69.    I understand a deputy can now hold a contract on two separate offices. When sending a proposal in, how would you like us to note that in the proposal? My present contract will be extended for one year and I am submitting for a second contract on a second site. 

A69.    Form 3.1, Personal Questionnaire, page two, question number 13, part A and part B ask you to answer whether you are currently a deputy registrar and, if yes, on what date does your does your contract expire respectively. You may also include an attachment indicating that you have a current license agency contract and are interested in applying for another license agency contract altogether or a second contract in addition to the current contract.

Q70.    On Form 4.1, if I appoint myself as Office Manager now, can I promote someone to Office Manager at a later date if I trust them, and they prove to be a good representative of the agency? I do realize that the hours that I agree to work on form 4.1 will stay constant during the life of the contract. 

A70.    Yes, there is no prohibition from you appointing yourself as the full-time Office Manager at the time of application and then making a subsequent change to appoint another individual as the full-time Office Manager at a later date.

Q71.    Regarding Form 4.3, Staffing and Personnel Calculation. The deputy will be held to the minimum staffing hours proposed. If the minimum staffing hours proposed is lower than the BMV recommended staffing hours listed in Form 2.4, Agency Specifications, will this negatively impact the proposer? 

A71.    The deputy registrar shall be regularly scheduled and on duty at the deputy registrar agency at least twenty hours per week during regular business hours except for temporary periods of vacation or sickness. So long as the deputy registrar regularly meets the minimum of twenty hours per week requirement, there would be no negative impact to the proposer in the application evaluation process.

Q72.    Page 4, Deputy Registrar Contract Terms and Conditions, Section 7, Residency requirements, states: "...shall occupy a primary residence in a location that is within a one-hour commute time from the deputy registrar's agency...", "...commute time by using multiple established Internet-based mapping service..."


Are existing deputy registrars grandfathered from this requirement? If not multiple mapping services such as Google maps, MapQuest, and Apple consider traffic into the estimates. Depending on traffic, my commute time can be 54 minutes or 1 hour and 3 minutes depending on the time of day I access these services. Does the BMV take into consideration traffic when determining the distance to an agency from a deputy registrar residence? 

A72.    There is no grandfather provision in the Ohio Administrative Rule amendment 4501:1-6-01(DD) for incumbent deputy registrars as it relates to the requirement to reside within a one-hour drive time, each way, to the license agency location. The BMV does not intend to use traffic, road construction, accidents, anomalies, or other temporary factors into computing drive times from residences to proposed license agency locations.

Q73.    Can you sign your documents in blue or black ink? 

A73.    Yes, proposers may sign proposal documents in black or blue ink. Although blue ink is preferred to assist BMV staff in identifying original documents from copies.

Q74.    When calculating Start-Up costs, do I need to include the amount we will need to spend to install new security equipment? If so, will it go under Building Modifications or Other?

A74.    You will need to include the additional costs for the installation of security equipment on Form 4.4, Start-Up Costs Calculation. You can enter the security system costs in either the “Building Modifications” or “Other Costs” areas provided on the form.


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Q75.    At the end of this process, will there be a means to see how many other RFPs have been submitted for each site?  

A75.    After the February 7 proposal deadline, a complete listing of all proposers will be available on the BMV Website. The proposer list should be available on the BMV Website by no later than February 14.

Q76.    Just to clarify, when bidding one site controlled agency, all personal forms (3.0 through 3.11) and all operational forms (4.0 through 4.5) plus the copies should be in one envelope together. Is this correct? 

A76.    When applying for one BMV Controlled Site, the proposer must submit the originals and one copy of all Personal Forms (3.0 through 3.11 and all other required documents), and all Operational Forms (4.0 through 4.5). The Site Forms (5.0 through 5.4) are NOT required to be submitted with a proposal for a BMV Controlled Site. The forms can be packaged in individual envelopes and then placed into a larger single envelope or box or all of the forms can be placed into one envelope together so long as BMV staff can differentiate between the Personal, Operational, and Site (if applicable) forms, and also differentiate original documents from the copies.

Q77.    Do we need to submit document 2.4, Agency Specifications Appendix with our proposal? 

A77.    Proposers are not required to submit Appendix 2.4, Agency Specifications forms with their proposal submissions.


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Q78.    If we are unable to get the floor plan for an existing agency from the property management company in charge of the lease, what are some suggestions as to alternative methods of getting that paperwork? 

A78.    Each Proposer must submit his or her own floor plan for the location proposed even if another person is currently operating a deputy registrar agency at that location. The current deputy may own the counters and other fixtures and may choose to remove them if the current deputy registrar does not receive a new contract. When you obtain a lease option, the landlord should indicate the size (dimensions) of the space to be leased. You can then use that information to formulate your own floor plan. Your floor plan may be similar to, or different from, the current layout. If you are awarded the contract, you may then negotiate with the outgoing deputy registrar for the existing counters and fixtures if you and the outgoing deputy registrar are both willing to do so. 

Q79.    If you are bidding on an existing agency, is it permissible to use floor plans from a previous proposal if you aren't making any changes to the floor plan? 

A79.    No, see the Answer 78, above. You must prepare and submit your own floor plan.

Q80.    How do we submit Form 5.0 - 5.3, Deputy provided site plan, counter plan, and map? Should I place all of them in one envelope or do I need to put them in 4 different envelopes? How should I mark outside of envelope? 

A80.    The site plan, counter plan, and map may be submitted together in one envelop; it may be marked “Site Plan.” The marking on the outside of the envelope is not important so long as BMV evaluators can locate all your relevant documents and differentiate between original documents from the copies of the original documents.


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Q81.    Are the "recommended" staffing hours listed in 2.4, Agency Specifications a "guide" for the proposer or are these the minimum required staffing hours for an agency? For instance if we propose less staffing hours than what is listed as "recommended" in 2.4, will it negatively affect (points deducted) the submitted proposal? 

A81.    The recommended staffing hours published in Appendix 2.4, Agency Specifications, item number 4, page 1, are BMV “best practice” suggested/recommended minimum weekly staffing hours for each class size license agency location and further specified by the number of estimated annual transactions for each of the license agency locations as well. If you propose to staff any license agency at less than the recommended/suggested minimum weekly staff hours, it would not negatively affect the scoring of your proposal unless the proposed hours are significantly lower than the recommended minimum weekly staff hours and deemed to be impractical to effectively operate the license agency business. BMV staff will closely monitor customer service levels and wait times to make certain that BMV service expectations are met. The BMV reserves the right to require deputy registrars to increase and/or specify the number of weekly staffing hours that any license agency will need to implement if customer service levels and wait times are not satisfactorily and consistently achieved.

Q82.    The company I lease from has agreed to lease for three years (exp. 6/29/2017), with an option for an additional three years (exp. 6/29/2020). This option is exclusive to me and no similar option has been granted to any other person. Can I bid a five-year contact with this lease option, or should I change the dates on the contract to match the three-year lease expiring 6/29/2017? 

A82.    It is acceptable to propose for a five-year contract if you have a lease option for three years with an exclusive option for at least two more years. Make certain that the lease option includes both the original three years and the option for a two-year extension. In the alternative, you may choose to propose for a three-year contract instead of five years. Either alternative is acceptable.

Q83.    Do you want every job we have held after 1990, even if I was a minor? 

A83.    Every job or position you have held since 1990 should be listed on Page 6 of Form 3.1, Personal Questionnaire. You should submit Forms 3.2(A), (B), and (C) for those jobs and positions that show your most relevant experience. You will receive experience points only for jobs and positions listed on Forms 3.2 (A), (B), and (C).

Q84.    What are the city, state, zip code and phone number of District 3 Field Services? 

A84.    The information for the District 3 Field Services Office is: 2950 E. Crescentville Rd., West Chester, OH  45069, telephone 513-771-1177. There should be no need to contact the Field Services Offices during this RFP process unless you are already a deputy registrar and have business unrelated to this RFP (in which case you should already have this information).  Remember, it is not proper to contact BMV employees directly regarding this BMV process; violation of this policy may result in an unfavorable evaluation or a disqualification of your proposal.  

Q85.    My question is if I relocated from one city to another, my agency name changed but my agency number is still the same do I need to do the form 3.2 Business Ownership Experience for both locations or do I combine my experience? 

A85.    Only one Form 3.2(A) Business ownership experience is needed to cover both locations unless you do not have enough space to enter all the necessary information on one Form 3.2(A). If necessary, it is permissible to submit separate forms for each location.

Q86.    Just to clarify the answer to question number 71. When I calculate the minimum weekly staffing hours on the 4.3, do I have to list at least the "recommended" weekly staffing hours as listed on the agency specifications appendix 2.4 for my size agency in order to not be affected negatively?   

A86.    See the answer to question 81 above.

Q87.    If I am awarded the contract, and I have proposed the "recommended" minimum of 147 hours and can't meet that occasionally because of employee sickness or vacation, will that be an issue later with my contract? 

A87.    BMV staff will closely monitor customer service levels and wait times to make certain that BMV service expectations are met. The BMV reserves the right to require deputy registrars to increase and/or specify the number of weekly staffing hours that any license agency will need to implement if customer service levels and wait times are not satisfactorily and consistently achieved. As long as customer service and wait times are not negatively impacted by a reduction in staffing hours, the BMV does not intend to penalize deputy registrars for occasional reductions in staffing hours based on unpredictable circumstances. BMV staff will closely monitor customer service levels and wait times to make certain that BMV service expectations are met. The BMV reserves the right to require deputy registrars to increase and/or specify the number of weekly staffing hours that any license agency will need to implement if customer service levels and wait times are not satisfactorily and consistently achieved.

Q88.    As an individual, I'm wanting to submit a bid proposal to become a Deputy Registrar.  In 2013, I made a $200.00 political donation to a campaign. At that time, I didn't know that the local Auditor of the BMV controlled site was not going to bid this year. Upon finding out this information recently, I attended the meeting and obtained packet to prepare a bid. Does this contribution still count against me or does this apply to present deputies who are rebidding? 

A88.    All proposers and incumbent deputy registrars are equally subjected to the prohibited political contribution provisions identified in the Request For Proposals document and on Form 3.5, Political Contributions Report. Proposers and incumbent deputy registrars that have made prohibited political contributions shall be disqualified and will be considered ineligible for a license agency contract.

Q89.    Based upon my reading of the instructions, it does not appear that a NPC needs to file Form 3.2(B) or Form 3.2 (C) as part of their proposal. Would you verify this? 

A89.    Nonprofit corporations are required to complete and submit Form(s) 3.2(A), Business Ownership Experience. Nonprofit corporations are NOT required to complete and submit Form(s) 3.2(B), Management and/or Supervisory Experience or Form(s) 3.2(C), Employee Experience.


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Q90.    As a NPC, our Office Manager serves as the de facto Deputy Registrar. As such, can we leave the Deputy Registrar position’s hours blank and just fill in the hours and financial info of our Office Manager on Form 4.3? 

A90.    The nonprofit corporation itself is the deputy registrar; BMV considers the office manager to be an office manager, not a “de facto” deputy registrar. Form 4.1 states that the twenty-hour per week requirement does not apply to nonprofit corporations; therefore the hours per week worked by the deputy registrar must be left blank on Form 4.3 for all nonprofit corporations. The hours worked by the office manager must be listed in the “Office Manager” box on Form 4.3.

Q91.    When calculating staffing and personnel costs, do we use the highest proposed amounts on the form 4.4 start-up cost calculation under number 1. Personnel Cost (four weeks) or do we use the minimum amount proposed? 

A91.    When completing Form 4.4, Start-Up Costs calculation, item number 1, Personnel Costs (Four Weeks), enter the maximum amount values from Form 4.3, Staffing and Personnel Calculation, to verify that you will have enough total funds on deposit to cover your potential expenses.

Q92.    I started on my proposal prior to some of the forms being revised. Is it necessary to retype the parts of the proposal that were done on the original forms. I scrutinized some of the forms but haven’t found were the changes were made.  

A92.    Revisions to the forms were with regard to corrections made to the Adobe fill-in fields and Form 4.3, Staffing and personnel Calculation was revised to increase the width of Monthly pay column.  If you are satisfied with the information that you have entered onto the original forms that were published prior to revisions, you may submit those forms to the BMV.  All forms that are submitted to the BMV will be evaluated based on the information that is supplied by the proposers.


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Q93.    When the BMV reviewers call the references we list on our proposal, can you specify a time frame so we are able to have our references be on the lookout for your calls to avoid having missed calls and loss of points? 

A93.    BMV evaluators will be calling proposers’ references between the hours of 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM, beginning on Monday, February 24, 2014, possibly through Friday, February 28, 2014, depending on how many proposals are received.

Q94.   Can we get the requirements for fire changed do to the wide open nature of this requirement? 

A94.    The alarm provider company that supplies and installs your system should be able to advise you as to what you will need to sufficiently equip the entire license agency business and how the system will alert the company and/or fire department in the event of the detection of fire, smoke, and/or carbon dioxide. The security requirements are intended to be all-inclusive for all license agencies. However, there will be instances where security requirements will need to be modified to accommodate the best practical solutions for any particular license agency location. In addition, BMV management and field staff will be authorized to evaluate, advise, and approve the security plans for all license agency locations.

Q95.   Several years ago, our NPC name was legally changed from that under which it was originally incorporated, as a result, the deed to our building and the articles of incorporation that will be included with our proposal both have our former name, our Certificate of Good Standing from the Ohio Secretary of State has been issued under our current name. Does this present any issues?  

A95.    As long as BMV evaluators can ascertain that the nonprofit corporation is legitimate and all documentation is authentic, there should be no adverse impact in terms of the consideration and evaluation of the proposal submitted. It would be helpful to include an attachment explaining the name change circumstances when exactly the change occurred.

Q96.   When completing form 4.3, it asks for minimum and maximums and it totals the maximums at the bottom. Is the amount shown at the bottom next to "Totals" our contracted minimum number of staff hours or is the sum of all the minimum hours our contracted minimum? 

A96.    The sum of all proposed minimum weekly work hours would be the least number of weekly work hours that the proposer is indicating that the license agency could be staffed. The deputy registrar will be requested to staff for at least the minimum staffing hours proposed. You will be required to comply with at least the minimum number of hours you state in your proposal unless you obtain written permission from BMV to reduce the number of hours based on a decline in your business transactions.

Q97.   On Form 3.2(B), there are two lines that appear to ask for the same information. What is the difference between "MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR: Job title" and the very next line, "1. Title of position"? 

A97.    The “Job title” and “Title of position” could very well be identical based on how the employer defines the job title/position. There may also be instances where the actual “Job title” differs from the specific title of the position held by the manager or supervisor. This extra line was provided for clarification purposes only and under most circumstances, it would be expected that the “Job title” and “Title of position” would be the same.


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Q98.    I am submitting for just one site, do I put the packets in order 3-4-5 then 3-4-5 again or is it 3-3-4-4-5-5? 

A98.    It is preferred that all original documents be placed together, in order, and separated by each of the sections: 3.0-3.11 (including personnel policy, credit report, local law enforcement report, WebCheck receipt, pre-approval bond statement, etc.), 4.0-4.5, and 5.0-5.4 (if applicable); then place the copies after the original documents in the same order as the originals as long as the original documents are separated from the copies. BMV staff will need to be able to differentiate the original documents from the copies.

Q99.    On the form 5.1 Question 17, when referring to security, is the question referring to on-site security guards? 

A99.    Form 5.1, Site Questionnaire, question number 17, does not specifically refer to on-site security guard(s) but rather asks generally if the site will be safe outside and inside and provide adequate security measures to provide a safe environment for the license agency employees and the customers.


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Q100. I would like clarification on question 97 previously answered. The questions on form 3.2 (B) both pertain to the proposer's position with a former employer?  My perspective of these questions was the first question,” MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR: Job title" would apply to the proposer's immediate manager at the previous employer and the second question,” 1. Title of position" would apply to the proposer's position. Eg. if the proposer previously worked as a store manager the first question, "manager or supervisor: job title" would be answered with the name of a district manager followed by their position.  The following question, "#1. Title of position," would be answered with the proposers former position eg. Store manager?  This was my logic, thinking that in a management position but not being the business owner one would still have a manager directing them. 

A100.  With regard to Form 3.2(B), Management and/or Supervisory Experience, in most instances the proposer will enter the same information on both the MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR: Job title and question number 1. Title of position lines. The only instance where the job title and title of position would be different is if the actual job title was different from the formal title of the position that someone holds or held.

Q101. Do we need to submit 2 copies of our personnel policy? 

A101.  All proposers are required to submit one complete set of original documents and one complete set of copies of each original document submitted.

Q102. In doing my final review before submission, I just noticed that there is no field to enter the type of ownership on form 3.2A as there has been on past RFP's.  It appears this is still being requested, but you cannot enter anything. 

A102.  On Form 3.2(A), Business and Ownership Experience, there is a form fill-in field provided after the question “Type of business (deputy registrar, retail grocery, etc.)” where the proposer would enter the type of business owned. If a proposer cannot fill in the information on the Adobe “PDF” form using a computer, it is the proposer’s responsibility to type or hand write the information onto the form manually.

Q103. At the very top of Form 3.11A, the first line is County of, but there is no field to enter the County. 

A103.  If a proposer cannot fill in the information on any Adobe “PDF” form using a computer, it is the proposer’s responsibility to type or hand write the information onto the form manually.

Q104. I sent my RFP Priority Mail Express and it was delivered on 02/04/2014 at 9:59 am and was signed for by someone. Is there any way I can find out that BMV Special Operations received my RFP? 

A104.  Proposers may call Gloria Vasquez with BMV Special Operations at 614-752-0585 to verify if proposal package(s) and/or the BCII WebCheck report have been received by the BMV.

Q105. If you are delivering your proposal in person, what are the drop off hours for Thursday and Friday?  I know Friday's deadline is at 4:00 PM. 

A105. Proposal packages may be hand delivered to the loading dock area of the Ohio Department of Public Safety Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. However, the proposal deadline is 4:00 PM sharp on Friday, February 7, 2014. Any proposal(s) received after 4:00 PM on Friday, February 7, 2014, will not be evaluated or considered for any license agency contract(s).

Q106. On page 1-20(2014) of the Ohio BMV Quick Guide it states; “No proposer shall submit more than two proposals for any Deputy Provided Site location nor more than one proposal for any BMV Controlled Site location. No person shall submit proposals for more than six different locations.” Does this mean the total number of locations a proposer can be interested in acquiring cannot exceed 3? 

A106.  Proposers can submit proposals for a maximum number of six (6) individual contracts. If a proposer is applying for a “Deputy Site” location, the proposer may submit a maximum of two (2) site proposals for that one “Deputy Site” location. Moreover, if a proposer is applying for six (6) “Deputy Site” locations, the proposer could submit two (2) site proposals for each of the six different available contracts for a maximum of twelve (12) total proposals. If a proposer is applying for six (6) “BMV Site” locations, the proposer could submit only one proposal for each of the six different available contracts for a maximum of six (6) total proposals. Nevertheless, the maximum number of individual license agency contracts that any proposer can apply for is six (6).

Q107. How exactly does a proposer make a submission for six locations? 

A107.  See the answer to question 106 above.

Q108. Must the start-up funds on deposit equal the combined total dollars needed to cover expenses for each location the proposer would like to acquire? (ie: location #1 - $10K / location #2 - $20K / location #3 - 30K / location #4 - $40K / location #5 - $50K / location #6 - $60K for a combined total of $210K)? 

A108.  The proposer must have enough start-up funds on deposit certified to cover the costs of the single most expensive contract application submitted. Using the example above, the proposer would need to have $60,000.00 total funds on deposit certified on Form 3.4, Start-Up Cost Funds on Deposit.

Q109. When one has a more than one 3.2(A), 3.2(B) and 3.2(C)'s, do you want them in order of date as in first job to last job or do you want all of the 3.2(A)'s, all 3.2(B)'s and 3.2(C)'s together? 

A109.  The BMV would prefer to receive Forms 3.2(A-C) in chronological order with the proposal submission. However, there will be no penalty or adverse evaluation of these forms if they are not submitted in the preferred order.


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