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Driver License & ID Card

Commercial Driver

CDL Exemptions

For these vehicle categories, the driver is exempt from CDL requirements.

Farm Truck

  • Operated by a farmer for transportation to or from a farm for a distance of no more than 150 miles
  • Truck must not be used in the operation of a motor transportation company

Fire Equipment

  • Equipment for a fire department, volunteer or non-volunteer fire company, fire district or joint fire district

Public Safety Vehicle

  • Vehicles used to provide transportation or emergency medical service for ill or injured people

Recreational Vehicle

  • Vehicles defined as recreational vehicles in Ohio Revised Code 4501.01 and used exclusively for purposes other than engaging in business or profit

Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Commercial motor vehicles used by local government employees to remove snow or ice from a roadway by plowing, sanding or salting
  • Applies only if a non-CDL licensed employee is able to operate the vehicle or the local government determines a snow or ice emergency exists and additional help is needed
  • Eligible unit of local government means a village, township, or county with a population of not more than 3,000 persons according to the most recent federal census

Vehicle Operated for Military Purpose

  • Operated by any member or uniformed employee of the armed forces of the United States or reserve components, including the Ohio National Guard
  • Does not apply to United States reserve technicians

Non-Business Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Commercial motor vehicle not used in commerce and not regulated by the Public Utilities Commission

Vehicle Designed for Transporting Goods

  • Vehicle used for non-commercial transport of goods or personal property

Ohio Revised Code: 4506.03

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