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Deputy Registrar Business Opportunity

Rev: 01/02/18

Deputy Registrar Request for Proposal Agency Specifications

BMV Site

A "BMV Controlled Site" is one in which the BMV will designate the exact site where the deputy registrar agency will be located. The BMV will arrange a master lease for the site.

Deputy Site

A "Deputy Provided Site" is one in which the successful proposer will be required to provide, through lease or ownership, the site where the deputy registrar agency will be operated.

MBE Location

Deputy registrar contracts are subject to the provisions of Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.), Chapter 125.08 (B), which requires the Registrar to set-aside approximately fifteen percent (15%) of the deputy registrar contracts for persons certified under Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) provisions.

The Agency Specifications forms have been revised effective January 4, 2018, at 4:30 P.M. Please download the revised specifications for any locations of interest.

Click on the location number to download License Agency Specifications for a particular location.
Loc. No. County City Address Site Type
09-A Butler Hamilton (East) 1720-A South Erie Boulevard BMV Site
25-F Franklin Columbus 990 Morse Road, Suite A BMV Site & MBE Location
25-M Franklin Columbus 4161 West Broad Street BMV Site
31-I Hamilton Cincinnati 5694 Harrison Avenue Deputy Site
31-L Hamilton Harrison 10553-B Harrison Avenue Deputy Site
42-A Knox Mt. Vernon 671 North Sandusky Street BMV Site
77-I Summit Stow 3039 Graham Road Deputy Site

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