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Deputy Registrar Business Opportunity


Question #1

The agency specifications for 42-A, Knox County, are incorrect. Items 1 through 3 are correct. Item 4 is correct as far as indicating a class 6 Agency, but the chart is highlighted as a class 8 agency. The number of transactions are incorrect, and the revenue amounts are very incorrect. The total Projected Annual Revenue should be about $318,000.00.

Answer #1

An error was discovered with the merging of data used to compile the Agency Specifications forms. All seven Agency Specification forms have been revised as of January 4, 2018, at 4:30 P.M. Please download the revised Agency Specification forms to obtain accurate information.


Question #2

I had a question about the local law enforcement arrest/convection report. I wanted to know if I need to submit a report for my county or a report for my city?

Answer #2

The local arrest and conviction report should be available from whatever local police agency serves your community. This could be city police, village police, township police, or the county sheriff if the report is not available through the local police department.

Question #3

Also, if I am applying for more than one BMV, do I need multiple reports and multiple FBI/BCI for each package?

Answer #3

If you plan to submit multiple proposals, only one complete original and one complete copy of the personal information and related forms is required to be submitted, no matter how many proposals you plan to submit.


Question #4

Can you give us approximate dates when the BMV will be calling the references we submit? Some people may not answer phones as often as they did in the past because of texting.

Answer #4

It is anticipated that BMV RFP evaluators will begin contacting proposer professional references on or about Tuesday, February 13, 2018, sometime after 8:00 A.M. It is the proposer's responsibility to make certain their professional references are available to be contacted by telephone when BMV evaluators are evaluating the proposals.


Question #5

I wanted to know the name of the type of bond I need because when I call the insurance companies and ask about a pre-approved bond they all seem confused?

Answer #5

The type of bond required is a surety bond (sample attached). The bond is to be pre-approved for the amount of $25,000, which has been determined to be sufficient to protect the interests of the State of Ohio from losses due to fraud, theft, embezzlement, and any other improprieties by the deputy registrar or the deputy registrar's employees that may cause a shortage of State funds.


Question #6

I operate an agency that provides Webcheck fingerprinting and I was wondering what BCI and FBI reason codes that the RFP applicants should use? The reason codes in the Webcheck system do not mention Deputy Registrar proposals or anything similar. The BCI reason code we normally use for Deputy Registrar employment applicants is "other" and we type the specific reason underneath. The FBI reason codes do not list "other" as an option. The only FBI reason code that comes close is "Ohio Treasurer of State employee applicants." The reason codes are numbers, can you please provide me with the specific reason codes for the FBI and BCI?

Answer #6

For BCI criminal background checks use the Reason Code named "NO ORC" and under the term "Other" ask the Webcheck operator to enter the words "Deputy Registrar Contract Application".

For FBI criminal background checks, use the Reason Code named "Real ID".


Question #7

Our BCI has already been completed.  I am unsure what code the Sheriff’s clerk used as a code but I do know he entered “other” and BMV employee as a reason.  This is what was done for the last bid. Will this work or must we have another BCI done?

Answer #7

For BCI criminal background checks use the Reason Code named "NO ORC" and under the term "Other" ask the Webcheck operator to enter the words "Deputy Registrar Contract Application". See answer to Question #6.


Question #8

I am in a BMV provided site.  In answering the (Mandatory) questions on form 3.7 Security Plan Summary, I have to answer NO to several questions. Do I need to answer YES to all questions and contact the Site Control/ Leasing Management Department to make sure I am in compliance with the RFP contract?

Additionally with the form 3.8  Facility Maintenance Plan Summary, how do I ensure the requirements are in the contract? How/who do I contact to renegotiate to ensure it is a part of my sublease?

Answer #8

At BMV Controlled Sites, Forms 3.7 and 3.8 ask: “If you are awarded a contract, state whether you agree to provide either on your own, through your lease or sublease, or by contract:” (followed by a list of requirements). To be successful, you should answer “Yes” to all requirements. You do not need to make any arrangements until you are awarded a contract. After you are awarded a contract, you will be expected to work with BMV Field Services and Facilities Management to come to a mutually acceptable plan to correct any existing deficiencies.


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