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Deputy Registrar Business Opportunity

Rev: 03/15/19

2019 Deputy Registrar Proposer List

95 Proposals Received for 47 Available Locations (Download PDF List)

City Proposed Address Proposed Proposer Name
02-B 19045 Allen Lima 2302 Harding Highway Jody Wireman
09-B 19065 Butler Middletown BMV Site Kristy Gamble
09-D 19053 Butler Hamilton (West) 138 North Brookwood Tammy Blevins
13-A 19043 Clermont Batavia BMV Site Jessica Scott
13-A 19046 Clermont Batavia BMV Site Gina Miller
13-A 19048 Clermont Batavia BMV Site Denise Everetts
13-A 19057 Clermont Batavia BMV Site Drew Hoening
17-A 19014 Crawford Bucyrus BMV Site Christine Eller
17-A 19030 Crawford Bucyrus BMV Site Ganeen Hult
18-B 19017 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights  BMV Site Weichih Lee
18-B 19024 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights  BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
18-B 19034 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights  BMV Site Kyle Jones
18-B 19068 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Thomas Vorell
18-B 19076 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
18-D 19066 Cuyahoga Cleveland 8039 Euclid Avenue Tonya Patrice Sayles
18-D 19074 Cuyahoga Cleveland 10559 St. Clair Avenue Adekunie Adeweso
18-E 19044 Cuyahoga Cleveland  2765 East 55th John Bradford
18-E 19075 Cuyahoga Cleveland 11331 Buckeye Road Adekunie Adeweso
18-J 19018 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site Weichih Lee
18-J 19025 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
18-J 19077 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
18-J 19087 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site William Predovich
18-P 19071 Cuyahoga Strongsville 12218 Pearl Road Mary Wilson
18-P 19078 Cuyahoga Strongsville 12218 Pearl Road OluDipe Oresanya
18-P 19088 Cuyahoga Strongsville 12218 Pearl Road William Predovich
18-Q 19073 Cuyahoga Parma Heights 6339 Olde York Road Daniel Hughes
23-B 19040 Fairfield Pickerington 461 Hill Road North Elliott Sarnowski
25-C 19067 Franklin Westerville 17 Cherri Park Square Marianne Gersper
25-I 19010 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Boulevard Jennifer Starr
25-I 19054 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Boulevard Allen Carpenter
25-I 19055 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Boulevard John Kougendakis
25-L 19031 Franklin Columbus BMV Site Ohio Senior Resources
25-L 19049 Franklin Columbus BMV Site Denise Everetts
25-L 19059 Franklin Columbus BMV Site Susan Grove
25-L 19060 Franklin Columbus BMV Site Gregory Lewis, Jr.
25-N 19064 Franklin Hilliard 4740 Cemetery Rd Northwest Kiwanis
25-O 19005 Franklin Columbus 3833 South High Street Darlene Middlebrooks-Smith
25-O 19056 Franklin Columbus 3833 South High Street Julie Middlebrooks-Reid
25-O 19090 Franklin Columbus 3833 South High Street Vanessa Reid
28-A 19023 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Yvonne Rosboril
28-A 19026 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
28-A 19035 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Kyle Jones
28-B 19019 Geauga Chesterland 12628 Chillicothe Road, Unit A Weichih Lee
28-B 19089 Geauga Chesterland 8484 Mayfield Road, #3 Alfred Mason
31-A 19001 Hamilton Cincinnati 138 East Court Street Greater Cincinnati Auto Dealers
31-D 19084 Hamilton Cincinnati 3372 Red Bank Road Larry Hott
31-E 19016 Hamilton Sharonville BMV Site Doris Tranter
31-E 19050 Hamilton Sharonville BMV Site Denise Everetts
31-E 19085 Hamilton Sharonville BMV Site Brian Manley
31-E 19091 Hamilton Sharonville BMV Site Ronald E Johnson
31-G 19069 Hamilton Cincinnati 7990 Reading Road, Suite 3 Richard Doherty
31-G 19092 Hamilton Cincinnati  6930 Montgomery Road Ronald Johnson
31-J 19013 Hamilton  Cincinnati  3461 Warsaw Avenue Barbara Brockmann
33-A 19009 Hardin Kenton BMV Site Kimberly Scott
43-A 19027 Lake Painesville BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
43-A 19036 Lake Painesville BMV Site Kyle Jones
43-A 19058 Lake Painesville BMV Site Lora Ruiz
43-B 19037 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site Kyle Jones
43-B 19052 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site John Bradford
43-B 19079 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
43-B 19093 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site Marcia Clark
43-B 19095 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site Qruivisha Caldwell
43-C 19020 Lake Mentor BMV Site Weichih Lee
43-C 19028 Lake Mentor BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
43-C 19033 Lake Mentor BMV Site Mahmoud Aboumerhi
43-C 19080 Lake Mentor BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
45-A 19003 Licking Newark BMV Site G. Scott Hiler II
45-A 19061 Licking Newark BMV Site Gregory Lewis, Jr.
45-C 19041 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Dottie Schirtzinger
45-C 19062 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Gregory Lewis, Jr.
47-E 19047 Lorain Lorain 4340 Leavitt Road, Lighthouse Plaza Kathleen Roesch
48-A 19051 Lucas Sylvania BMV Site Denise Everetts
48-A 19082 Lucas Sylvania BMV Site Kari Vaculik
48-E 19083 Lucas Toledo BMV Site Toni Pullom
48-G 19022 Lucas Oregon 3018 Navarre Avenue Darla Northrop
50-A 19038 Mahoning Youngstown 890 E. Midlothian Avenue Kyle Jones
50-A 19070 Mahoning Youngstown 3623 Market Street Jill Carter
50-B 19012 Mahoning Youngstown 667 Gypsy Lane, Northside Merchants Robin Campbell
50-C 19039 Mahoning Poland 3004 Center Road Kyle Jones
50-C 19072 Mahoning Poland 3057 Center Road, Suite C Roberta Wiesensee-Gibson
51-A 19042 Marion Marion BMV Site Amanda Grubb
54-A 19007 Mercer Celina BMV Site James Rutschilling
57-G 19086 Montgomery Moraine 5582 Springboro Pike Brian Manley
67-C 19011 Portage Streetsboro 9515 State Route 14 Deborah Witek
67-C 19094 Portage Streetsboro 9515 State Route 14 Marcia Clark
71-A 19002 Ross Chillicothe BMV Site Ronald Nichols
77-B 19008 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Robert Teodosio
77-B 19021 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Weichih Lee
77-B 19029 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Ahmed Nawash
77-B 19081 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
77-D 19032 Summit Akron 688 Wolf Ledges Parkway Northeast Ohio Auto Dealers Association
78-B 19006 Trumbull Warren 2027 Elm Road Northeast Tammie Kaye
79-C 19004 Tuscarawas Uhrichsville 206 East Third Street Twin City Chamber of Commerce
80-A 19015 Union Marysville BMV Site Christine Eller
80-A 19063 Union Marysville BMV Site Gregory Lewis, Jr.

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