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Personal Information

Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and Your Personal Information

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) does not release personal information from an individual’s driving record to bulk mail distributors for surveys, marketing or solicitation.

Protected personal information includes the person’s name, Ohio driver license number, date of birth and address (other than the five-digit zip code).

With the "opt-in" policy, the BMV may release personal information to another party if we have written consent from you or if the other party has an applicable reason under the DPPA to receive the information.

Unless applicable by law, a driver’s photograph, Social Security number, telephone number and medical or disability information are not released.

Protection of Personal Information

To protect your information, the BMV requires:

  • All individuals and entities requesting records that contain personal information must complete the BMV Record Request (form BMV 1173).
  • If the individual or entity has your consent, he or she must complete the Notarized Written Consent Release Personal Information (form BMV 5008).
  • If the individual or entity meets one or more DPPA exemption, he or she must state which exemption and provide a verifiable identifier or relevant documentation associated with the exemption.
  • If an entity requests records in bulk, he or she must enter into a contract with the BMV. If the information is not being used correctly, the BMV may suspend or cancel the contract and stop providing information.
  • The BMV does not release Social Security numbers, except to other government agencies and when the Social Security number is provided with the request.
  • The BMV does not release resident address information about peace officers, except in accordance with the law.

Public Records

‘Public record’ means records kept by any public office. An example of a public record provided by the BMV is your driving record, which includes convictions, suspensions and accidents. However, your name, address (other than the five-digit zip code), date of birth and other personal information are redacted and not provided.


Ohio Revised Code: 149.43, 4501.15, 4501.27

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