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    Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Remote Queueing Frequently Asked Questions

    You can get in line online by clicking Get In Line Online Service through *Please note this is not an appointment and there may be a wait time when you arrive.
    • Select the required service ( )
    • You can check the nearest locations for the office hours and the current waiting time by clicking on the BMV Office marked on the map.
    • Provide the required information (First Name, Last Name and phone number) to receive further instructions.
    No, you can directly visit the Deputy Registrar License Agency and get in line once you arrive at the kiosk or by scanning the QR code, if available at the agency.
    Yes, you can check-in by using kiosk and select the check-in without a phone number option or ask for assistance.
    The BMV does not charge a fee for Get In Line Online services. However, as your cell phone company may assess text messaging fees and data charges, you will need to check with your wireless phone carrier for your plan details, including any text message and data rates that may apply.
    • You can click on the directions link in the text message received for e-ticket and check the address
    • You can go to Get In Line Online and search for your ticket using your phone number
    Once you arrive at the license agency and check-in, you will receive a text with a link to view your place in line. If you are unable to access the link or the link is not available, you can ask for assistance.

    *Please note, You are only able to view your place in line for the same service you have selected. There may be other customers waiting for different services.
    No, if you need multiple services which include DL/ID card select "Driver License and ID Card", otherwise you should select the primary service you need. If the service you need is not listed, please select "Other".
    If you see the above message and you have not been served, check with the clerk at the license agency you are in line for.
    Return to the website Select search an e-ticket. Enter your phone number to search. Select yes, you would like to cancel your ticket.
    Enter your phone number at the Kiosk to check for your open e-ticket number or ask for assistance at the license agency.
    • Reply STOP to opt out to 24706. You will not receive any further messages from this number, however your e-ticket will remain active.
    • Reply UNSTOP to opt-in to start receiving the messages.
    • Follow the instructions given below the QR code on the poster, or
    • Use the kiosk to check-in or check with the clerk at the license agency for assistance.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding using Get In Line Online services, please check with the license agency.

    If you have any questions regarding BMV services like Driving License or Vehicle services please call at the contact number provide in the link BMV contacts or using Livechat.