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Vehicle Titles

Title-Related Processes

Mileage, VIN or Brand Correction

If the incorrect mileage, vehicle identification number (VIN) or brand (exceeded, salvage, non-actual, buyback) was due to a county error, please contact the County Clerk of Courts Title Office where the title was issued.

If the incorrect mileage, VIN or brand (exceeded, salvage, non-actual, buyback) was due to a customer or dealer error, please contact the BMV Title Support Section for assistance.

  • Requests for correction will be reviewed and verified.
  • The BMV will respond to requests within 10 business days from the date documents are received. Failure to submit all required documents may result in the request being denied.
  • If approved, a letter will be issued asking the County Clerk of Courts Title Office to issue a replacement title correcting the mileage, VIN or brand.
  • Please note: a request for correction does not guarantee approval of correction.

Prior to completing a title transfer, the transferor and transferee must verify the accuracy of the odometer listing and all other information on the certificate of title. Both seller and buyer are responsible for accurately verifying the odometer listing and all other information on the certificate of title at the time of title transfer.

What Do I Need to Submit to the BMV Title Support Section?

A detailed, notarized statement from EACH previous owner (if applicable) listing:

  • Name and contact information
  • Statement date
  • Vehicle year, make and VIN
  • The correct and incorrect mileage of the vehicle at the time of transfer
  • How the error occurred
  • Why he or she signed the incorrect certificate of title

Current, dated Federal Odometer Statement or Applicant Affidavit. Applicant Affidavits are acceptable for:

  • Vehicles sold or purchased through repossession
  • Self-assembled vehicles
  • Unclaimed affidavits
  • Out-of-state title conversions
  • Operations of law (such as bankruptcy or death of a spouse)

Where Do I Send My Documents?

By mail:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Title Support Section
PO Box 16520
Columbus, OH 43216-6520

By fax: (614) 752-8929, Attn: Title Support Section

Ohio Revised Code: 4505.06 4505.10 2921.13

Have Questions?

Please contact us at (614) 752-7671 or email Ask Titles

Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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