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Deputy Registrar Business Opportunity

Request For Proposals (RFP) For Deputy Registrar Appointees - Next RFP Release Date: January 2020


The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues requests for proposals (RFP) for the selection and appointment of Deputy Registrars (DRs) to operate license agencies throughout Ohio. RFP packets are generally released in January of each year. License agencies administer duties related to the issuance of driver licenses, ID cards, vehicle registrations and other services on behalf of the BMV.

Deputy Registrars are independent contractors and are selected on a competitive basis as described in the Ohio Administrative Code and RFP. Deputy Registrars receive service fees of $3.50 for vehicle registrations, driver licenses, identification cards, and other driver and motor vehicle related transactions; $0.90 for each vision screening performed; and $8.00 for driver's license reinstatement fee payments. All fees are established in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. The contract term is generally five years, unless the registrar determines that a shorter contract term is appropriate for a particular deputy registrar.

Proposer conferences are held in January each year. If you would like additional information, please call (614) 752-2090. A list of available contracts as well as proposer conference venues and dates are posted on the BMV’s website by the end of December.

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