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    What is 2-Step Verification?

    2-Step Verification is a security procedure that allows Ohioans to verify that they are who they claim to be, and is now required through OH|ID for BMV Online Services.

    There are six options available for 2-Step Verification Registration. Please register for at least two options. We recommend enrolling in a combination of a phone-based option and an email option. Please see the six options listed below.

    For 2-Step Verification Registration Options*

    IBM Security Verify App
    Verify with a simple tap on your iOS or Android device with the IBM Security Verify app.

    Authenticator app
    Verify with a one-time access code that is generated by an authenticator app on your mobile phone or tablet.

    Register an authenticator to enable passwordless authentication.

    Text Message
    Verify by entering by a one-time PIN sent to your phone via SMS text. Standard message rates apply.

    Verify by entering by a one-time PIN sent to your email address.

    Phone Call
    Verify by entering by a one-time PIN sent via voice call. Standard voice rates apply.

    *Please note that for a phone call and an SMS text message to count as two separate methods, there needs to be two separate phone numbers

    2-Step Verification FAQs

    Question: My 2-Step Verification failed. Why did this happen?
    Answer: Your 2-Step Verification can fail for various reason such as putting an incorrect or expired OTP, waiting too long to approve a push notification, or accidently selecting decline on the push notification. If the 2-Step Verification method you have chosen failed, please try your preferred option again.

    Question: Can I add or remove 2-Step Verification methods after initial setup??
    Answer: To manage your existing 2-Step Verification methods visit and click "manage".
    To add a new 2-Step Verification option, click "Add new method."
    To remove an 2-Step Verification option, highlight the option and click the three dots that appear to the right of it, followed by "Remove Authentication."

    Question: I have added text and phone call as my 2-Step Verification options, why does the system tell me I still need a second method?
    Answer: For text message and phone call to count as separate forms of 2-Step Verification, you must use a different phone number for each method. If you do not have two numbers, you will need to enroll in either Email or IBM Verify as your second 2-Step Verification option.

    Question: I am using Email for 2-Step Verification and have not received a code, what do I do?
    Answer: Check your spam folder if you are not receiving the passcode directly to your inbox. If this does not work, attempt to use a separate 2-Step Verification option.

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