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    Identity Proofing (OH|ID log-in) Enhancements

    The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is excited to announce enhancements to the State of Ohio's Identity Proofing protocols to proactively defend Ohioans and the State from cyberattacks, fraudulent activity and bad actors.

    What enhancements are being deployed?

    The State of Ohio is committed to the safety and security of citizen's personal information. Previously, protocols were implemented for a more simplified and accurate Identity Proofing process by relying on multiple data points instead of financial information. Citizens were no longer asked security questions, but instead answered information about their Social Security number, address, and phone number.

    To further assist in validating citizen's identities, InnovateOhio Platform (IOP) has enhanced the process through the addition of the Socure© Document Verification (DocV) module. If prompted, users can now verify their identity online by uploading a valid state ID and taking a selfie with a smartphone or tablet. Ultimately, this enhancement will allow more Ohioans to verify their identity online - safely, efficiently, and accurately - while also blocking bad actors and reducing fraud. This allows the State to improve security and the user experience through our website.

    What actions do I need to take?

    EXISTING BMV Users - All existing BMV users that previously passed Identity Proofing will be able to continue to use all secure BMV services online.

    Existing BMV users that previously failed Identity Proofing may now have the option to partake in the Socure© Document Verification (DocV) module as a second opportunity to verify their identity. Those attempting to complete DocV will need to have the following information available:

    • State-issued driver's license, ID, or passport
    • Access to a smartphone or tablet with a camera
    • Chrome browser for an Android device
    • Safari browser for an iOS device

    NEW BMV Users - New users will experience the new Identity Proofing process to access all secure BMV Online Services and create a "My BMV Profile" to view your own personal information and receive important notifications. Those that do not pass the initial Identity Proofing process, may be automatically referred to complete the Socure© Document Verification (DocV) module as a second opportunity to verify their identity. Those that fail will still be able to conduct limited business at BMV Online Services and receive full service at a local BMV location.

    For more information
    For self-service troubleshooting of OH|ID, 2-Step verification, or the current Identity Proofing process, please review these resources

    For further technical issues or support with OH|ID, 2-Step verification, or Identity Proofing, please contact the Ohio BMV

    Please keep an eye out for future communications surrounding the ID proofing enhancements. Do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions or concerns.

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