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    Identity Proofing (OH|ID log-in) Enhancements

    The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is excited to announce enhancements to the State of Ohio's Identity Proofing (OH|ID) protocols to proactively defend Ohioans and the State from cyberattacks, fraudulent activity and bad actors.

    What enhancements are being deployed?

    The State of Ohio is committed to the safety and security of your personal information. The new OH|ID protocols are simplified and more accurate identity proofing process by relying on personal information instead of financial information. This will allow a greater number of Ohioans to be verified through ID proofing to utilize BMV services online, while also blocking bad actors. This allows the State to reduce fraud, improving both security and user experience.

    What actions do I need to take?

    EXISTING BMV Users - All existing BMV users will be required to complete the ID Proofing (OH|ID) process again to access all secure BMV services online.

    NEW BMV Users - New users will experience the new Identity Proofing (OH|ID) process to access all secure BMV services online and create a "My BMV Profile" to view your own personal information and receive important notifications.

    For more information
    For self-service troubleshooting of OHID, MFA enrollment, or the current identity proofing process, please review these resources

    For further technical issues or support with OHID, MFA or identity proofing, please contact the Ohio BMV at (844) 644-6268.

    Please keep an eye out for future communications surrounding the ID proofing enhancements. Do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions or concerns.

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